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UDMP Designer

UDMP Designer

Design data and comminication models and generate xsd schemas, c# entities and sql server database scripts

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About us

Through the years we created solutions for our clients and we've decided to build a tool to support our knowledge.
The UDMP Designer helps us to integrate models or to build completely new ones.

In order to let us succeed in building information systems it is important to map te information wirhin the company and the information with the outside world. We build a dictionairy that describle all the most elementary parts that hold information. All information and communication is attached to the dictionairy.

Because of the clear statement of information parts in documents and code it is possible to use the information system to handle change int he future.

Because we deal with markets that have to comply to a lot of authorities, we, as no one know how important it is to never throw away information. Validity and transactions are the keywords to build a slolid information system.

UDMP Designer zorgt voor een gedegen versioneer methodiek welke zorg draagt voor de geldigheid van informatie.
UDMP Designer takes care of a solid routine for versioning your information, real-time.

UDMP Designer out now !!

UDMP Designer version 1.0 is out.

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